27 January to  1 February 2008






Hi all!:


    I'm very sorry. This is not 'Extreme Birding'. Furthermore, it is the first time that I publish in English on this website... But it is not my fault. Dawn, my English teacher, gave me this homework and I am sure she will punish me if I don't do it...

    At the end of January 2008, we spent some days in England.  Our friends, Richard and Maria live in Cambridge and they have a new house. We decided to visit them. Also we took advantage to learn something about the country.

    We arrived to Stanford from Valladolid in two hours, accompanied by the great photographer Roger Tidman, who we met in the airport by chance. He advised me about some English things, for example the beer and the places for birding. It is a pity to have a so little time...

    The day after I got up in Cambridge at 6 a.m. A Song Thrush was singing heatedly in the garden, near the room, and it was impossible to continue sleeping! Nevertheless, I took advantage to watch some birds through the window, for example this Blue Tit, and the following Carrion Crow partially albino, an interesting individual.







    In the morning, we went for a walk along  the Cam, the river that crosses the city of Cambridge. There were some long boats parked at the edge, and people living inside.



The more abundant birds in the river were the Black-headed Gull and the Canada Goose.





Here you have the typical small boats, that travel along the river.



And the typical English buses and telephone boxes. People in Cambridge love bikes.





After a full meal, we continued the visit. This is one of the colleges, that had a great chapel, decorated in wood and glass.




This is Richard and Maria, and some more people, in the historic centre of the village...







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